Fascination with horses started with me at a young age. My first memory of horses was a pony ride at a local stable. I remember feeling so good being up on the pony's back and see things from that perch and the willingness of this creature to carry me. I couldn't help but fall in love with their beauty and gentleness.

Everything I longed for had horses, from the books I chose to the horse figurines I had as gifts. I was grateful when my parents agreed to send me to a local camp with a horse program where I learn to ride and care for horses. Later when I had a full time job I decided to get involved with horses again and took lessons and showed at a barn in Berkley, MA. The barn was not only a place to learn to ride. The owners bred Quarter Horses so their was the excitement for their broodmares having their foals in spring. I learned and grew within myself from just being around them.

Through out history Horses have been a part of our lives.

So I place these following Resources to better Our horses and Our own lives.

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