Work Horse Team

Medium: Pen and Ink
This logo image was created for "Nava Hitch Horses" T-shirts.

My first time seeing a draft horse was going to see the famous Budweiser Clydesdales when the "tour" stopped by a local venue. There's nothing like the site of those big, proud horses as they pull the "Budweiser wagon" in high stepping fashion. Today they even appear in commercials.

Long ago, draft horses helped man in so many ways from helping on the farm to exploring new lands. Today in our motorized and technological world, a lot of us only occassionally come across them. But apparently they haven't been all forgotten. Some draft loving people have found a special niche for them in today's world.

Enjoy reading this article about drafts in today's world.

Make Mine a Draft

From tilting to tilling -- and everything in between -- these "gentle giants" are perennial showstoppers.
By Laurel Scott
They're the strongmen of the horse world, blending both power and patience in one gargantuan package. But there's a lot more to draft horses than meets the eye. Once the preferred mounts of medieval knights, these "super-sized" equines have a long and colorful history of service to humankind. That service continues to this day, thanks to a renewed appreciation of their beauty and versatility. ... read article here.