Contact: Lisa
twitter: lisaguarino
phone: 401.475.2749
Address: Pawtucket, RI USA
Blog: Lisa's Art Space

An Illustrator can create an image that visually enhances content of a book, web page or article.

Lisa can create the art work needed for a printed product, to enhance web page/s, or compliment an article.

Project and ideas are discussed with client.
Any info and references are collected toward working toward an image.
Illustrator works on a few draft sketches and shows them to client to choose. Any suggestions are noted.
Illustrator works art work into a final image.
Final image is presented to client for approval.
Image is then sent to client as file as requested. eg: on cd, email as jpg, gif, or sent to client in original artwork form.

Samples below.

Illustration for a product:

ebook "Horse Fun Pages"

Illustration to enhance website content.

"Jumper" Pen and Ink at Middleburg Equine Clinic website.

Illustration to match e-newsletter article.

"Muddy" Pen and Ink/watercolor Pencil in Jude Spacks' e-newletter.