Lisa Guarino

Nature Illustrations


Scratch board, Pen and Ink, Mixed Media

Scratch board images:
Scratch board is a board with a thin layer of clay that is covered with Black India ink. With a sharp tool an image can be scratched out with lines. An image is created by scratching out the light to medium areas on a black surface. Wonderful deep contrasts in an image can be created.


"Tiny Snow Caps"
scratch board

"Great Horned Owl"
scratch board

"African Elephant"
scratch board

Pen and Ink:
Pen and Ink drawings done with a Micron pen. The lines of an image can vary to express movement and form.

"Cat with Yarn"
Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink

"Great Blue Heron"
Pen and Ink

Pen and Ink

Mixed Media:
Pen and Ink drawings with watercolor pencils.

Pen and Ink/ Watercolor Pencils

"African Plain"
Pen and Ink/Watercolor Pencils

Pen and Ink/Watercolor Pencils


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